Monday, 28 September 2015


By Brian Sanderson,

End of the County Championship so a chance to go see some friendly  at the beautiful Arthington ground. On Saturday I spent the day watching sport on the television from Melbourne  to America. Whilst at Arthington they were losing to Jesters. The scores being Arthington 119 for 6 in forty overs and Jesters scoring the winning runs in 14.1 overs.

After a misty start to Sunday morning ,I drove to watch King James. As I arrived the sun was out on the picturesque ground looked  in great condition and the cows were fenced in the neighbouring field. The photgraphs follow of the match.

Steve Bindman coming out to umpire rather than playing.

Drinks break after twenty overs with Arthington batting.

Geoff Barker of Olicanian and Yorkshire Gentlemen fame. Hitting another four at Arthington. Scored a excellent 48 runs in a total of 178 off the forty overs.

King James team leaving the field after their bowling feats.

The twins from Doncaster sitting in the sunshine reading their books and watching some cricket.

Dennis Nash giving advise when Arthington was bowling.

Another Arthington player Martin Binks who took his 500th  catch for Arthington this season.

A King James batsman coming out with black pads but he was out first ball  so not good luck.

King James score after twenty overs as I had to leave to go to a meeting at Headingley. However Brian Senior informed me Arthington won another victory. I will be back next Sunday  to see another match.

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