Saturday, 22 August 2015


By Brian Sanderson,

Myself and John Fuller, of Cricket Yorkshire fame, decided to visit the club Brook- Walton which was established in 2013 and now play in the Pontefract Division 2 and are equal top. They were today playing Hatfield Town who batted first. The ground is situated in a middle of a sporting complex.

While  I was walking round I had a chance to talk to Richard Wild father who also had  played in the Pontefract League and obtained ten wickets.Richard is now forty-two and is trying to achieve a similar feat before he retires. Good luck.

Moving on about a mile we called into Sandal who was established in 1874 and is also in the Pontefract League and equal top with Brook-Walton. Today they were playing Stainborough who were bowling. It is well kept ground with trees down one side of the ground and the main Wakefield to London railway line at the bottom of the ground.

The match was abandon due to thunder rain but they play each other  again tomorrow  in the play-offs starting at 12.00PM and a forty-five over match.

Moving on to the other side of Wakefield to Wrenthorpe who are still recovering from losing the Jack Hampshire Final within two hours. Today Wakefield Thornes had scored 288 with seven overs spare. Wrenthorpes team were short of five players which caused the second team to play with nine players.

Wakefield Thornes had a fast bowler called  Faisal Irfan who  was the fastest bowler seen today

Moving on to Lightcliffe who play in the Bradford League and were playing East Bierley. Among the spectators was Bob Procter who was supporting the  way side. Also arrived was Peter Davies and his father. As we arrived the rain also came but it did not stopped Bierley been bowled out for 69 and again they were short of players. Not a good situation but I can not see it changing in fact it will get worse.

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