Saturday, 19 April 2014


By Brian Sanderson,

Last season the first fixtures were struggling to be played because of the rain but to-day was dry. The weather had been good during the week so under the guidance of Ron Deaton myself and Ron Stansfield decided to start our journey at Oxenhope who are  in the Halifax League and were playing Clayton.

I have decided just to make blog just on the photographs of this ground as in every direction there was beautiful views. Above is the Oxenhope team getting this season photograph.There is a fish and chip shop next to the ground so no need for sandwiches for lunch however we had brought sandwiches.
Scorboard only three years old but very cold inside was the comment by the scorer.
View of the moors. What more could you ask for on Saturday afternoon.
At one end the sightscvreen is a side of a house paited white. Never seen that before.
Another brillent view towards Keighley.Also by this time the pork pies had arrived.I would recommend anybody to go to this ground during the cricket season and yyou will enjoy it.A good start for to-day and the season ahead.This ground will be the will be how we will grade all future grounds this season.We moved on down the valley to Hawoth West End ground. See next blog.

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