Thursday, 27 February 2014


By Brian Sanderson,

When I retired nearly twenty years ago I had to decide what I would do with my time. As I live near Headingley cricket ground  and I had played cricket for thirty-five years ,it seem logical to watch  Yorkshire cricket.While watching early on I met Bobby  Turner who lived near me. He had a large collection of cricket books however he died suddenly. The family very kindly allowed me to take over his library as none of the family was interested in cricket.

This started me off on collecting cricket memorabilia and over the last ten years my collection has grown to take over two rooms of our house.On Friday  afternoon, I went down to Leicester to see the Knights Auction items for myself and Yorkshire Archives.Going down early allows you more time to see the items and not have to get up early next morning.

A few years ago I purchased the above photograph of Maurice Leyland X1  V  Mr J.A. Birchall,s X1 which was a match on 7 th July 1940 on e-bay.However I was out bid on the scorecard.The match took place at Norwood Park Beverley. On the front line at the left is Norman Yardley and Maurice Leyland.

One of the items at Knight,s  was a scorecard for the above match which had been signed by Norman Yardley and Frank Smailes. I was lucky to purchase the scorecard so it is now with the photograph. So you never know what you find in auctions and e-bay.

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