Monday, 23 July 2012


By Brian Sanderson,

I feel that I  should say something about Don Wilson who deid on Saturday.Myself and Norman Hazzell went to see Don this winter for article for Wombwell Twelfth Man magazine.He  very kindly answered  all our questions about his life.He thought Andrew Collomosse book Magnificent Seven covered his life excellently and he  kept us entertain for about two hours.He will be missed by myself and all Yorkshire supporters.

Watching cricket in Yorkshire takes you to some picturesque places and to-day I went to one Masham.It is situated in North Yorkshire in Wensleydale.The match was  Yorkshire under 15 B against Lancashire under 15 B in a fifty over match.When I arrived Lancashire was batting and scoring runs easily.Also there was John Winn, David Thorpe and Tony Hutton sitting near the pavilion watching the cricket.It is a large ground with the river Ure running down one side.Two Lancashire players scored over 60 to bring the total to 240 for 4 in the fifty overs.There was only one girl scorer from Lancashire keeping record.Where was Yorkshire scorer?

At lunch myself and David walked into the town which is about five minutes away.In the town square is St Mary,s Church which was founded in the seventh century.There is a lage graveyard and I notice that a lady had been killed during the Second World War from a bomb.It seems five people were killed when the bomb landed on a local pub.Odds on beeing killed this way must be huge.
The Church was subsidies by the Cunliffe-Lister family who owned Swinton Park were I watched cricket recently.

Gong back to the cricket the match was delayed while the Lancashire side had a ten minute warm up on the instructions of the coach.The scoring was taken up by Yorshire players who took turns in the scorebox.When one player had evenough he came out of the box which made the umpires stop play until another player took over. This caused a Yorkshire wicket to fall next ball.When I was leaving Yorkshire had scored 140 for 7 .On the scoreboard it showned 90 over to go. Tea would be late.


Andy Crookes said...

I attend many junior cricket matches Brian, that my son plays in,and if there is no scorer I will always volunteer and do the duty.What I have found is that many parents just want to either, drop the kid off and return to pick them up later, or sit in the sunshine ( or, this year, drizzle!) and watch. Scoring means you are actually part of the match, involved for every single ball. I have upmost respect for scorers of all ages, and it would be a great pity if matches are affected in the way you mentioned due to lack of a scorer. As always....Blame the parents! Andy Crookes, Part-time cricket watcher, Kirkburton C.C.

Andy Crookes said...

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