Thursday, 19 July 2012


By Brian Sanderson,

There had been rain over night and so was pleased that Yorkshire under 17 would be started on time at 10.45.They were playing Lancashire under 17 in a fifty over match due to the hard work of he groundsmen. The weather was warm but a strong northernly wind.

Yorkshire batted first with Callis and Tattersall who batted very well.The Lancashire bowling attack produced a number of extras by wides and no-balls.There was a good crowd watching the match including Peter France who I sat next  during the day.Brian Senior turned up after not going to Chesterfield as the day play been called off.The opening partnership produced 187 when Tattersall got out.Yorkshire got up to 257 in the fifty over with eight wickets down.Three wickets falling in the final over.

An early Lancashire wicket put them under pressure.During this time there was a burglary in both teams dressing rooms.However the couple who did he robbery were caught by the police.A incident that everybody could do with out.

Karl Carver,the left arm-spin bowler from Sessay, bowled very well getting four wickets.In his ten overs he only allowed twenty runs including two wides.He was watched by his mother and his grand-father who kept a record of his figures.During Lancashire innings a well-known cricket follower was asked to move off the cricket field when he was walking his dog.

Lancashire best batsman was Gowers,the wicket-keeper, scored a good fifty in their score of 187 when they were all bowled out.A good victory by Yorkshire and just shows what a good opening partnership can set up.The weather at this time was cold but I hope for a warm and dry weekend.

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