Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday 13 May

Durham School

A blank cricketing day, or so I thought...

I went to church with Shaun - twice - and then had a magnificent meal produced by his wife Jane. In between, Shaun suggested we check out a cricket ground we had spotted the day before, out on one of the roads leading into Durham.

It turned out to be Durham School's cricket ground and the game going on was an intra-school match, between two houses.

All very nice and there was even a Costa cafe open for business and a refreshments stall.

A very nice spectacle and plenty of spectators - mums, dads etc - in attendance.

The playing area was surrounded by greenery and a main road.

Shaun seemed to get lost early on, after he had dropped me on his way to parking, but eventually emerged onto the boundary's edge.

This could be my first public school cricket visit - and I'm now determined to do more.

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