Friday, 11 May 2012

Out of Town

Sunday 6 May

Ashton-under-Lyne and Rochdale

A trip out Manchester way.

My quest to get to know all the CLL grounds is now well underway.

Initially, Ashton-under-Lyne CC. I recently acquired one of their centenary brochures and this has made me very interested in the club.

It was far more 'out-of-townish' than I had imagined, but nothing wrong in that.

A nice playing area and a spacious if slightly unorthodox pavilion, with the players sitting outside.

I had a sit inside, a cup of tea, and then found a perch outside the pavilion. Then a wander round the ground and a nice sit-down halfway round.

Then to Rochdale, a very impressive club.

The ground is spacious and has a large modern pavilion, with huge potential for social dos and the like.

I had a sit down and was then gifted some food by a woman I happened to bump into. I think she was at a wedding or birthday bash in one part of the pavilion and obviously thought they had too much food.

So I helped myself to three or four savoury delicacies - and kept my packed lunch for Monday.

I had a wander round the boundary's edge. Very impressed by all the advertising boards - a very ambitious and go-ahead club.

My hero Chris Schofield also had his name in lights - I think he opened the new scorebox at the ground. He's obviously a Rochdale lad who made good.

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